AUDIO THRILLS Recording Services


  At Audio Thrills we pride ourselves in providing a full range of services for both home and professional clients. From simple format conversions to full-production jingle packages, with our state-of-the-art, fully digital-based environment, we are able to achieve high quality results at quite reasonable prices.
  • FULL PRODUCTION JINGLE PACKAGES    We provide original royalty-free music compositions recorded by professional musicians and vocalists. Jingles are appropriate for any broadcast medium, and can be customized for insertion of 60, 30 or 15-second voice-overs. Music only jingles, without vocals, are also available.
  • COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION    We'll record your copy using broadcast professionals. Sound effects can be included as required.
  • MESSAGE-ON-HOLD PACKAGES    We can customize on-hold messages for your business. Most new phone systems allow for insertion of on-hold audio. Let the time your customers spend on-hold be pleasant for them and productive for you.
  • QUEBBIE PACKAGES    We can produce promotional announcements specifically designed for your Quebbie system. We'll use professional talent, fully-licensed background music, and provide it to you in a format compatible with your Quebbie. (Don't know what Quebbie is? Read about it.)
  • VINYL & TAPE RESTORATION    Pop and click removal; noise and hiss reduction; you'll be absolutely amazed at the results -- it's a great way to salvage old material.
  • FORMAT CONVERSION    We can convert your material from and to a wide variety of formats -- including ADAT, MP3, WAVE and MIDI Files, even cassette, ¼" tape, and vinyl records -- including 78's. If it's been recorded, odds are we can access it.
  • RECORDING STUDIO TIME    We are always happy to make our studio facilities available on an hourly basis to those who want to record high-quality audio. Either ADAT or computer-based recording can be used. Various MIDI keyboards are also available if needed.
The best part is that we can provide any of the above services at rates well below what you might expect. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.