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  Quebbie® is an exciting, programmable background music system that is now available in the United States, after being installed in over 1,700 establishments in the United States and Europe. It is flexible and easy-to-use because it incorporates the very latest technology and the best available hardware. It comes complete with 6,500 songs from more than 50 musical catagories -- pre-installed and ready go. Monthly updates include music rights, new releases and software use. You'll get no nasty surprises from BMI, ASCAP or SESAC. For more information, check out the Quebbie Website.

Quebbie also allows you to incorporate your own announcements within the musical selections. You can use these to direct your customers to specials, to describe your business, or just to welcome folks to your establishment. You decide which announcements are inserted, and how often they are played.

Audio Thrills can work with you and your Quebbie to provide professionally-produced announcements that can bring real benefits from your background music system. Whether you need lots of announcements, or just a few -- a wide range of cost-effective options are available. Please contact us for complete information.

Quebbie Promotional Announcement for
Allstage Sound and Lighting, Inc.
(Produced for a Quebbie System)

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